Lang Lane, West Kirby

The house is largely built of concrete to retain heat in winter and maintain a stable temperature in summer. This high thermal mass maintains a very stable internal thermal environment. Even in winter the building temperature only degrades by about 1 degree per day when the heating is switched off. A mechanical ventilation heat recovery system has been installed as the house is sealed against wasteful air leakages.

This gently sucks warm moist air out of the bathrooms, utility room and kitchen and blows fresh air into all the living spaces. As the warm air is expelled it passes through a heat exchanger which is used to warm the incoming air. during this process a considerable amount of moisture condenses out of the air and has to be drained out into the waste drains. The air tightness of the dwelling is significantly higher than Building Regulation requirements in order to maximise the benefits of the MVHR system. Low energy lighting components were utilised throughout the dwelling.

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