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Hooga is the UK’s leading Passivhaus building design specialist

We're a property developer with a difference. We believe you should only accept and live in the best. Our mission is to create high quality, life-enhancing properties that perfectly match the aspirational needs of the owner.

With highly skilled craftsman rigorously following the precision building methods of the German Passivhaus standard, we offer unique, sustainable, low-energy homes with unrivalled health and wellbeing benefits.

Our unique fabric-first approach starts well before any on site works commence, with every detail meticulously planned and considered before being expertly executed. From foundations to windows through to fixtures and fittings, every element is delivered to the highest quality standards possible and that even includes those elements you can't see!

With 70 years combined experience in delivering such homes across the UK and mainland Europe, we also have certified accreditations from the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.

With these credentials, Hooga can guarantee your home - be it small or very grand - will be built to the highest standards that exist in the industry today.


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Every new public building in Germany must now be built to the Passivhaus standard as it guarantees build quality, excellent efficiency and most importantly ultra high levels of comfort.


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Design & Build

If you have a project in mind and would like some assistance in making it Passivhaus compliant we can offer a full range of services to help you.


We have a consulting arm that can offer advice on:
  • All Elements of Passivhaus Standard
  • Efficient Design
  • Insulation Details
  • Thermal Modelling and Performance
  • Renewable Technologies
  • Retro Fitting to Passivhaus

Build & Contracting

We are also able to offer a full Passivhaus build and contracting service on any size project using our in-house contracting division. This service includes:
  • Material Procurement and Sourcing
  • Quality Assured Construction
  • Enhanced Build Programmes
  • Engineered Approach
  • Verified and Approved Build Methodology using Solid Wall Construction

Super Insulated Solid Walls.

SIS has been developed to provide highly insulated external walls to greatly improve the overall energy performance of a dwelling, helping to meet the energy reduction requirement included in the future changes to the Building regulations (part L) Very low U-values can be achieved with a minimal wall thickness.

SIS is based on tried, tested and proven construction methods, already widely used and familiar throughout the UK, SIS offers a cost effective solution to the question of low energy dwelling.

What Does SIS Offer
  • Sturdiness and light weight. Advantageous for transportation, handling and design
  • High compressive strength. Accepts high masonry compressive stress. Suitable to take concrete floors
  • Superb thermal insulation. Very low u-values with minimal width walls.
  • Good heat storage capacity. Minimises indoor temperature fluctuations, creates a better living environment.
  • Keeps its shape. Does not deform even under extreme conditions. Retains the air tightness structure.
  • Balanced humidity. Favourable diffusion behaviour improving the balancing of humidity.
  • Good acoustic performance. Meets standards, in many cases without additional measures. Robust Details for party walls.
  • Fire proof. Provides excellent fire protection, easily meets Building regulation requirements.
  • Longevity. Does not rot or suffer attack from vermin or insects


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The Passivhaus Standard was established by a German physicist Wolfgang Feist in the early 1990s. Since then, buildings have been monitored and refined to the point where it has now become the world’s leading energy design standard. It is also one of the few certified low energy building standards.

The primary focus of building to the Passivhaus Standard is directed towards creating a thermally-efficient envelope which makes optimum use of free heat gains, in order to minimise space heating requirements and create good comfort conditions during winter and summer, without traditional space heating systems.

The building physics is centred on Comfort, Air Quality and Wellbeing, making sure they are very healthy houses to live in. A Passivhaus provides a very high level of thermal comfort and whole-house even temperature. The concept is based on minimising heat losses and maximising solar heat gains, thus enabling the use of simple building services.

There are many benefits to you as an owner of such a house

For example there are dramatic reductions in overall house running costs compared to a 'standard' house and with the inclusion of renewable power sources, the running costs may be as low as ZERO.

In addition, our houses are supplied with a constant stream of fresh filtered air which removes old stale air using a system known as 'mechanical ventilation and heat recovery'. This allows the building to breath without losing any of the heat stored within it. This means occupants inhabit an environment that is totally natural and purified, which can have a dramatic effect on reducing allergens and associated respiratory complaints.

While UK health statistics reveal a high proportion of asthma cases in children are linked to poor indoor air quality, recent studies on people who live in Passivhaus homes prove there are significantly less sufferers of asthma, other allergies and general sickness among occupants. This evidence strongly supports claims that the improved indoor air quality of Passivhaus homes is an inherent health benefit.

Hooga employs consultants, designers and tradespeople who are fully trained and certified by the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.

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These documents provide more information and insight into the Passivhaus methodology from the BRE.


Hooga is an approved seller for a whole range of Passivhaus products so we can currently supply as well as specify the following:
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